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Marketers first with a passion for supporting small businesses

We are traditional and digital marketers, each with 20+ years of experience in the corporate and consulting world, and we love bringing people, and what makes them amazing, to life!

Our Approach

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Start With Your Customer

  • First and foremost, the site should focus on the needs of your clients. So let’s get into their shoes and think about what’s important to them! They will feel understood and stay to find out how you will solve their problem.


Why You - Your Promise/Your Story

  • We will explain how you are the perfect solution to their needs. How each part of your story supports your ability to deliver on the promise. And people want to like who they hire, so don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through.


Straightforward, Custom Design

  • Your personality should be present in the tone, the colors, the imagery.

  • We let the images and story drive the experience, not flashy design distractions. 

  • We also use little to no coding to keep the cost down and make it easy to edit if you want to make your own changes.

Boutique-style Process


Let’s review your needs or an existing site to recommend options and what will make the biggest difference. We offer this preliminary look for FREE to anyone interested in learning more. 



After our initial consultation LKC will create an official proposal. Once approved we begin the process.


Copy Document

We start with the structure of the site and the story, to get the messaging right. Whether you want us to write it or you want to take the first pass, we will make sure the message is clear and does its job.



You share any relevant pictures of yourself, your service, or your process. We may add in stock photography to close any gaps in support of your story.



Based on your needs, we will decide on Squarespace or Wix. While similar they each have their own nuances.



Once we have all the assets and copy, we begin the process of putting the pieces together. We start by agreeing on the overall design and colors and then start filling in all of the elements. 



Then the site comes to life. We schedule touch-points to review and refine.


Search Engine Optimization

After we’ve finalized the site we work on the backend Search Engine Optimization to ensure search engines understand your site and offer it up in organic searches. So the right customers see you when they need you.


Domains & Launch

Depending on the status of your domains we will either purchase a new one or redirect the old one to your new site. The process takes a few days. 


Post Launch

For the next 3 months, as you show it to friends, your neighbor, and of course your mother, we will make tweaks as needed until we get it right. 

Virginia's Story

I am a professional artist. My original website served me well for years, but it felt outdated and didn't convey my personality. The art looked fine, but my site was not a personal extension of the artist I am today. I was ready for a big change!

They started out by offering suggestions that came from a new perspective and made sense to me. I wanted to stand out from the overcrowded field of art websites and they really listened. The first big change was to drop the grey or black background color that most fine art sites use. They went the opposite direction and chose white to make the artwork the focus. We made the font more contemporary and subtle. It had a fresh look that I loved.

The resume disappeared…merely a list of teachers and mentors. And in its place we created paragraphs about my artistic upbringing. They focused on how art permeated my early years with an artist father and a musician mother. They drew a "picture" of who I really am today. They even designed a header with my initials that made an eye-catching opening to my first page. I was included in all decisions and their thoughtful inquiries made me dig deep to discover that person anew. 

I have had patrons say that my site is unlike any art site they have ever seen. The section titled Lessons has brought me new students who understand my process, and feel more comfortable painting with me after watching a video about how I instruct.

The best part of my new website it that it is the real me. Have a look. The site speaks for itself.


We structure our packages to be completely transparent. We want it simple for both of us. Reach out for specific pricing.

Home Page

Graphic of homepage example
  • 1-page (or the 1st page) + Plus a free Contact Us page

  • Establish design (including Colors & Fonts)

  • Client orientation (getting to know your story)

  • Copywriting

  • Mobile optimization

  • Back-end SEO

  • Domain connection

Additional Pages

Graphic of additional web pages example
  • Price per page - Discounts available for larger sites

  • Build on home page design, approach, and deliverables.

  • Additional pages can expand on:

    • More details (About​, Services, Pricing)

    • Specialty areas of work (Coaching, Teaching, Consulting) 

    • Topic specific campaign landing pages to a particular customer (i.e. a specific style of artwork, genre of voiceover, an industry)

  • Product pages and eCommerce​ setup

Other Services and Discounts

  • Other marketing services available upon request.

  • Incremental costs may be added for e-commerce, or extensive copywriting/custom graphics.

  • We provide an affordable hourly rate for ongoing changes/updates. 

  • Discounts available for non-profit organizations, etc.

  • Pricing does not include ongoing cost for the Wix or Squarespace platforms. 

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