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Simple, affordable website designs that work for small businesses.

Bringing the essence of YOU to life in your website. Like a mosaic, we are putting all the pieces together that make you and your product or service special, to create a picture that means something to your customers. What is your Mosaic?

Colorful wave mosaic

You need to focus on what you do well, not building a website.

You know a great website is a foundational element of your business, but creating an effective site can feel daunting.

Your focus and expertise should be on your product, craft or service, not websites, domains, SEO. You need to invest your time doing what you do best!

It may feel awkward and weird to market yourself. It can be hard to encapsulate your special sauce.


...Maybe you haven’t gotten the memo yet that you’re a unicorn? 

"I am so proud of my website! It is the real me. They worked with me to understand my needs and made the process so easy. As a very non-techy artist, that meant a lot. And now I even know how to update it myself!"

- Virginia Brooks (Artist)

What we offer

Let us walk hand in hand with you through the entire experience, every step of the way. 

We aren’t interested in churning out websites overnight like a factory. We created a boutique style approach with a hands-on process you will appreciate. We take our time to get it right. ​

Detail of a beautiful old crumbling abstract ceramic mosaic decoration was destroyed build


Easy & Painless Process


Affordable & Transparent Pricing


Custom Designed for Your Needs


Compelling Story

Part of our Mosaic is discovering the Mosaic in YOU!

The magic lies in assembling ALL of the pieces of your story together in a unique way.

Circle image of colorful wave mosaic
Small mosaic tiles pattern forming a Tree of Life background._Mosaic artwork made by a mos

We have a Mosaic too!

We are two best friends doing what we love. Making a difference for people like you. Because we’ve been where you are. 

After 25+ years of relevant experience, we walked away from the corporate world to explore a more creative life, where we can help people, be our own bosses and be moms to our families (while they are still willing to let us!), and most importantly be ourselves.

"They were able to design and create a website better than I could have imagined! They are great to partner with, really listened to my needs and were committed to delivering exactly what I was looking for. Their technical experience is impressive and they are true professionals!" 

- Harper Finn (Voice Actor)

We put our years of marketing knowledge and experience to good use...for You!

Working with big brands was great, but our passion is working with small businesses & entrepreneurs. Artists, actors, consultants and small companies are our sweet spot and our process was developed with you in mind.

Laptop with image of sample website homepage

Ready to take the first step and create your Mosaic with us?

Small mosaic tiles pattern forming a Tree of Life background._Mosaic artwork made by a mos
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